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Chameleons Will Hold Anything You Give Them, and They Look Like Tiny Old Men!

My cousins chameleon holding LEGO props


‘Lizardsholdingthings’ is a small but cute subreddit contains content of lizards holding things. Mainly LEGO props like swords guns and more! Chameleons are the best for holding things because they have awesome little grabby feet. Enjoy! Continue reading »

Adorable Lizard Uses Blossoming Rose as a Comfy Bed


Roses are naturally beautiful flowers, but it turns out that they’re even more appealing when they hold an unexpected surprise. Imgur user Cmycherrytree‘s daughter Angel picked one of these thorny blossoms for her mother and later realized that it wasn’t an ordinary rose. Inside the flower’s delicate, pink petals was a snoozing green anole lizard using the floral beauty as a bed. “As long as I live I will probably never see this again,” the Texan mom writes. Continue reading »