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Marinemine – The Mine Furniture

The author of the mine-furniture design is Mati Karmin, one of the best-known sculptors of Estonia.

One of the most grandiose manifestations of the exploring line of Karmin’s work is the marine mine furniture project that began five years ago. Northern coast of Estonia and especially the islands, wich during the years of occupation were an almost inaccessible border zone for the common including heaps of corroded mine shells, wich are basically spheres with holes, spireks and shackles. Karmin got inspired by these mines and started to collect them. The ambiguity of large scale corroded mine shells intrigued the artist. The shape of the mine is perfest and uniform, while still clearly bearing the stamp of its intial destructive function. Being marked by its belonging to the past, it is closely connected to the complicated recent history that Karmin has always been facinated with. Continue reading »