Brazilian Tattoo Artist Morphs Into Devil Look-Alike

Carla Carniel/Reuters

Brazilian tattoo artist Michel Praddo, also known as Diabao or Human Satan, and his wife Carol Praddo, known as Mulher Demonia or Demon Woman, pose in their studio in Praia Grande, Brazil. Continue reading »

Yung Cheng Lin’s Human Art Illusions Address Female Body Modification

Taiwanese artist Yung Cheng Lin, commonly known as 3CM, visualizes themes of women’s issues, social standards, and body modification through a photographic lens. The artist interprets these subjects through simple tools and materials that interact with a human body to reveal a message and convey an idea. Red string, push pins and roses literally intersect the female figures in the photographs, creating striking and somewhat alarming visual compositions that come to life through digital manipulation. Continue reading »