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Meet Nadia Tolstoy, the Stockholm-Based Illustrator and Cartoonist Who Will Change the Way You See Words


Nadia Tolstoy is a Stockholm-based illustrator and cartoonist who has captured the attention of many on social media. She describes her work as “mildly amusing doodles” that are “surreal at times and frequently silly.” Nadia has created a series of illustrations that combine different things to represent a single word, resulting in absurd and amusing visuals that will change the way you perceive words. Continue reading »

Illustrating the Punny Side of Words and Sayings: Surreal and Minimalistic Doodles by Nadia Tolstoy


Nadia (previously featured), an interior architect and artist from Sweden, creates humorous and imaginative doodles that depict the literal or alternative meanings of English words. Continue reading »

Illustrator Creates Mildly Amusing Doodles That Are Surreal At Times And Frequently Silly


Meet Nadia Tolstoy, an illustrator and cartoonist from Stockholm, Sweden that might change the way you look at some words. As she describes on her Instagram, she creates “mildly amusing doodles” that are “surreal at times and frequently silly”. Continue reading »