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Channel Your Inner Geek With This Cute And Chic Pair Of 8-Bit Panties


Portugal-based brand Maison Pixel has created a pair of chic panties that are inspired by pixelated computer graphics. Designers Cesaria and Sebastiao call their pixel panties the “world’s first 8-bit underwear”. Continue reading »

These Granny Panties Will Revolutionize Your Life


Granny Panties are back in style and sexier than ever!

Thanks to the good folks of Bullets and Bees, you can now get a pair of “not your granny’s panties” with unique designs featuring Ryan Golsing, Shia LaBeouf, Bob Ross, the Golden Girls, or kittens! Continue reading »

Hairy Panties by Nutty Tarts

Cool Hairy Panties for women with screenprinted pubic hair. Continue reading »