Artist Plays With People’s Minds By Illustrating Optical Illusions

Flying Mouse is a multi-award winning tee shirt designer from Malaysia. For Flying Mouse, a tee represents a blank canvas on which a story can be told. He believes that each of his designs has something to say and the people are certainly listening. Continue reading »

Nicole Kidman Plays Sixties Siren for Jimmy Choo’s Cruise 2014 Campaign

Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman reveals she has been known to be the party girl of all party girls while filming her Brigitte Bardot inspired Cruise 2014 campaign for Jimmy Choo. Continue reading »

Spaniel Plays Mum for Lambs

A springer spaniel is helping out on her owner’s farm – by playing mum for four lambs. Jess even feeds the Dorset Horn lambs, which could not be fed by their own mother, using a bottle held in her mouth. In photographs by Richard Austin. Continue reading »

Photo of the Day: Panda Po Plays with Mother

Panda Po plays with its mother, Hua Zui Ba, bottom, while its twin panda brother De De relaxes inside their enclosure at the Madrid Zoo & Aquarium in Spain. (Sergio Perez/Reuters) Click image to zoom.

Cat Plays ‘Game For Cats’ on iPad

“Game for Cats” by Nate Murray – free app for you and your cat in iTunes.