Politicians Past And Present From Around The World Are Given A Man Bun

Vladimir Putin

These photos of political figures sporting man bun hairstyles have been put together by the talented creative community at DesignCrowd. This selection of current World leaders includes US President Barack Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin, North-Korea Leader Kim Jong-un and British Prime Minister David Cameron. Continue reading »

Sleepy Politicians in Pictures: Do They Literally Sleep Over Matters?

Studies have suggested politicians are among the most sleep-deprived members of our society. It isn’t exactly surprising given the high degree of stress and anxiety related to the jobs of politicians and policymakers; tight schedules and frequent travelling make the matter worse.

Research conducted by the UK-based Sleep Council, which compared eight groups, found the average politician got a little over 5 hours of sleep every night. In fact, only hospital doctors (and specifically those on call) had less, averaging 4.5 hours.

Here are some instances where politicians from across the world were caught taking a quick nap or yawning during working hours.

A delegate from France sleeps during a break in an all-night plenary meeting at the UN Climate Change Conference 2009 in Copenhagen December 19, 2009. (REUTERS/Bob Strong) Continue reading »

A Bunch of Crock: Politicians, Pundits & Minorities


A Bunch of Crock is a reaction to the current political landscape. It is kind of a gag reflex. It is an analysis of political messages directed at the general population in an election year. It is an attempt to share what politicians truly mean when they say something. It is a collection of political posters and audio/video installations. It is a bunch of political messages. It is a bunch of crock. Project by Safwat Saleem. Continue reading »