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What Your Sleeping Positions Say About Your Relationships

How do you and your partner sleep? Your sleeping positions can actually tell you a lot about your relationship. Because during sleep your body languages cannot be faked. Not every couple sleeps the same, and not every couple sleeps in one of these 10 positions every night. Continue reading »

Rauf Yasit “Rubber Legz” Contorts His Body Into Impossible Positions

This Berlin-based dancer is able to contort his body into unimaginable positions that seem impossible to get into and he’s not afraid to show it off.
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Encounters and Positions

Two aluminum figures of an installation are silhouetted on a rooftop in Berlin, Germany, Wednesday, July 24, 2013. The installation of German artist Hubertus von der Goltz is called “Encounters and Positions”. (Gero Breloer/AP Photo)