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Photo of the Day: Rather You than Me

Daredevil Mich Kemeter, 23, walks across a tight rope without any safety harness above the 1,000ft of Verdon Gorge. One wrong move could have seen Mich plummet 650ft foot into the Grand Canyon du Verdon in South of France. But the extreme Austrian athlete managed to navigate his way safely across the thin tight rope in just under two minutes. (Barcroft)

A Look into the Minds, or Rather, Desks, of Washington Art Notables

Photographer E. Brady Robinson photographs the desks of art notables in Washington. The assorted objects and clutter, or lack thereof, speak volumes about the desks’ owners.

Photographer E. Brady Robinson sits at one of the two desks in her apartment. Robinson decided to take pictures of desks while wandering around the offices of the Cultural Development Corporation, which hired her to take staff photos for an annual report. (Bill O’Leary / The Washington Post) Continue reading »