Rising From The Salt Water: Ghost Resort In Argentina Promises Apocalyptic Landscape To Tourists

A picture taken in the 70s compares the place with the current state of a ruined house in the onetime spa and resort town Epecuen, November 5, 2015. Over the past few years the town of Epecuen (previously featured in the ‘Most Beautiful Abandoned Places of the World‘), located 550 km (341 miles) southwest of Buenos Aires, has been attracting tourists with its eerie apocalyptic atmosphere after a flood submerged it in salt water for more than two decades. Originally a busy lakeside tourist village in the 1920s renowned for its saltwater baths, Epecuen came to a sudden end in November 10, 1985 when a succession of rainy winters caused Lago Epecuen to overflow and water surged through a special retaining wall and into the town. Residents and tourists were forced to evacuate and in just a few days homes and buildings were covered by almost 10 meters (33 feet) of salt water. Now, 30 years on, the water has evaporated and former residents can walk amidst the rusted out ruins of what was once their town. (Photo by Enrique Marcarian/Reuters)
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Photo of the Day: Crescent Moon Rising

A crescent moon rises over the cusp of the Earth’s atmosphere in this picture by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Koichi Wakata onboard the International Space Station taken February 1, 2014. Distinct colors are visible because the dominant gases and particles in each layer of the atmosphere act as prisms, filtering out certain colors of light. (Photo by Koichi Wakata/Reuters/NASA)

Metal Gear Rising: Reveangance Promo Murals

Massive muralists EndoftheLine recently painted this series of huge pieces in London, Liverpool, Leeds for the launch of Konami’s much anticipated Metal Gear Rising game. Continue reading »

Photo of the Day: Big Moon Rising

The moon rises beyond the St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral in downtown St. Petersburg, Russia. (Dmitry Lovetsky/Associated Press) Click image to zoom.

Dubai Rising: An Aerial View of the Sprouting City

Glittery, glitzy, and glam, Dubai is certainly an attention-seeker. This Middle Eastern metropolis was barely on the international radar a decade ago. Now, it’s one of the hottest destinations on the planet.

Dubai is an engineering playground of modern marvels and manmade meccas. Its rise in global prominence is astounding and its allure remains as strong as ever.

Dubai’s flamboyant hotels, dazzling shopping malls and towering skyscrapers attest to its bold vision of the future. Materialistic to the bone, the city coined the term “shopping festival” – an annual event with the sole purpose of getting people to travel to Dubai and spend money.

Ostentatious as it may be, at its heart, Dubai remains what it’s always been: a traditional Islamic town.

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Sun Rising Over the Bubble

At first glance this may appear to show a sun rising over a distant planet. But on closer inspection it becomes apparent that Richard Heeks’ macro photographs are simply bubbles glistening in the sun. The 38-year-old from Exminster, near Exeter, says: “Sometimes I stand back and just watch a bubble as it hangs in the air. I walk around it, admiring it, and I see how the light plays on it. And sometimes I photograph a bubble and see things I didn’t expect to see. I didn’t realise these bubbles would look like planets until I caught one or two good ones and then looked at them carefully on the camera screen.” Who needs the Hubble Telescope when you’ve got the Bubble Telescope? (Richard Heeks / Barcroft Media)

L.A. Rising Festival at the Coliseum

Artist Sahra Vang, 24, of Boston spray-paints the likeness of Lauryn Hill at the L.A. Rising Re-education compound at the Coliseum where social and political groups and artists talked with concertgoers. (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)