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Meet Samir Belhamra, The Artist Blending Reality and Imagination


From a young age, Samir Belhamra has been fascinated by art and creativity. Born and raised in a modest family in a small neighborhood with buildings as his only landscape, Samir began exploring his artistic talents through drawing, graffiti, and inventions. Continue reading »

“Colorize To Remember”: Samir Belhamra Colorized Historic Images To Bring The Past To Life

Samir Belhamra is a self-taught photographer and graphic designer, based in France. We recently published his amazing photographs of the South of France. Today we present his new project “Colorize To Remember” in which he colorized old classic photos. Continue reading »

Breathtaking Aerial Photos Of A Lavender Field In Southern France By Samir Belhamra

Samir Belhamra is a self-taught photographer and graphic designer who recently visited Valensole, Southern France to take pictures of the beautiful blooming lavender fields and his photos will take your breath away. Continue reading »