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Japanese Harvest Festival Displays Massive “Scarecrow” Of Space Battleship Yamato


Chikuzen, Fukuoka is known for its annual harvest festival, where locals work together to construct awesome statues or “scare crows” out of harvested straw. Two years ago, the festival featured an impressive 10-meter straw Godzilla, but this year’s massive structure may have set a new standard. Japanese Twitter user Natsu posted photos that have anime fans excited for the festival, revealing a giant Space Battleship Yamato scarecrow! Continue reading »

The Scarecrow Festival in Kettlewell, England

A scarecrow dressed as the former News International Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks, and another made from corks and dressed as a bartender stand as part of the annual scarecrow festival in Kettlewell, England. (Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images) Continue reading »