China’s Bike-Sharing Graveyards

China's Bike-Sharing Graveyards
Bicycles of various bike-sharing services are seen at an urban village in smog during a polluted day in Shanghai, 2017. Rapid expansion of shared bicycle companies across China has led to massive piles of abandoned bikes as supply outstrips demand. (Photo by Aly Song/Reuters) Continue reading »

Abandoned Sharing-Bikes Create ‘Graveyards’ In China

Abandoned Sharing-Bikes Create 'Graveyards' In China

Approximately 23,000 ride-share bicycles have been rounded up and hauled to 16 temporary parking lots by urban management authorities in East China’s Hangzhou city. Bicycles are taken away due to disorderly parking reported by locals. Bicycle-sharing companies are reluctant to claim them, fearing a fine. Continue reading »