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Silent Hill Promotional Event In Tokyo

Junko Kimura/Getty Images

Models dressed as bandaged nurses take part in a promotional event for the film “Silent Hill” on June 22, 2006 in Tokyo, Japan. Continue reading »

Silent Hill

Jonny Joo, 23, visits derelict malls, stations, towers and other places because they remind him of Silent Hill – a psychological horror video game which was made into a film. “When I first started exploring places, so many would remind me of the game. It was a world I was kind of obsessed with because of how dark and eerie it looked”, Joo said. His book, titled “Empty Spaces”, will feature 116 images and is being released this week.

An abandoned old grain silo, described by the photographer as “peaceful”. (Photo by Jonny Joo/Barcroft Media)
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“The Silent Revenge of Comic Sans”

Check out amazing sticker-art project in the NY subway, of the anonymous artist, called “The Silent Revenge of Comic Sans”. Continue reading »