Guy And Pug Take Couply Photos Cuz Sometimes Your Dog’s Your Valentine

Brittany Worgan

Jonathan Graziano is not one of those people. Why? Because this New York resident has got all the love he’ll ever need — with his charming Pug, Noodle. And to celebrate that love, Jonathan decided to take a series of couply photos with Noodle. The duo shared some of their favorite shots — and a deeper look into their special relationship! Continue reading »

Geographies And Sometimes Not Even That

Fantastic collages by Raúl Lázaro, a visual designer from Madrid, Spain. Continue reading »

Innovation Fail: Sometimes it Just doesn’t Work

Every successful invention has had a number of failures in its wake. Some failures are more spectacular than others. We are collecting the more well-known innovation failures here.

Why sweat when you don’t have to? That was the thinking back in the 1940s and ’50s, when vibrator belts were the exercise device of choice. How did they fail? They didn’t burn any fat. In this photo, a woman demonstrates the vibratory exercise belt, which can be raised or lowered by using a T-handle, on Nov. 30, 1946. (Associated Press) Continue reading »