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Be Fearless. Be Seated. A ‘Dangerously Safe’ Stool Series For The Fearless


This project merges stools with popular weapons, but with a twist. The stools are made of strong glass and one can see clearly through them. While the weapon will not pierce the furniture when seated, it creates an illusion to do so. In return, only the fearless will dare to take a tour of this stool. Continue reading »

Charming Dog Head Stool By Paolo del Toro

This dog head chair was roughed out with a chainsawed from a halved log of maple. Then shaped with chisels and planes, then sanded for what felt like an eternity then finally painted with lots of coats of nice chalky tempera. Continue reading »

Coffee Stirrer Stool

The Coffee Stirrer Stool has been designed to resist compression with a minimal amount of material, using a geometry identical to the molecular structure of diamond – a truss originally patented by material scientist John J. Gilman in 1981. The structural framework fills the largest volume of space with the shortest individual length of a predefined number of struts, making them inherently resistant to buckling.

These coffee stirrer sticks have been arrange to form this framework, allowing them to comfortably support the weight of the sitter. Designed by Alexander O.D. Lorimer. Continue reading »