Guy And Pug Take Couply Photos Cuz Sometimes Your Dog’s Your Valentine

Guy And Pug Take Couply Photos Cuz Sometimes Your Dog’s Your Valentine
Brittany Worgan

Jonathan Graziano is not one of those people. Why? Because this New York resident has got all the love he’ll ever need — with his charming Pug, Noodle. And to celebrate that love, Jonathan decided to take a series of couply photos with Noodle. The duo shared some of their favorite shots — and a deeper look into their special relationship! Continue reading »

25,000 White Roses Made Of LED Lights For Valentine’s Day

Photo by Kin Cheung / AP Photo

“Light Rose Garden” is originated from South Korea, an art installation project featuring 25,000 white roses made of LED lights for Valentine’s Day. Continue reading »

Adorable 1970s Valentine’s Day Cards Featuring The McDonaldland Characters


Here’s an adorable set of Valentine’s Day cards featuring the McDonaldland characters. These were available in McDonald’s restaurants for kids in 1978 Continue reading »

Anti-Valentine Cards With Weirdly Sweet Messages Will Make You Laugh


Artist Julie Ann won’t make your usual Valentine’s Day cards. Julie’s funny, weirdly sweet and sometimes naughty messages are ones that you won’t find in hallmark cards and have won admirers everywhere. Continue reading »

Valentine’s Day in Thailand

Couples (L-R) Chaiyut Phuangphoeksuk and Prontathourn Pronnapatthun, and Nichapatr Koomsombut and Pirat Rungthongoran run from sheep during their wedding ceremony at a resort in Ratchaburi province February 13, 2015. Three Thai couples took part in the wedding ceremony arranged by a resort themed around fun activities ahead of Valentine’s Day. (Photo by Athit Perawongmetha/Reuters)
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Colombian Floral Industry in Bloom for Valentine’s Day

A Colombian flower grower selects a rose for a bouquet ahead of Valentine’s Day in Subachoque, February 2, 2015. Colombia is the world’s second-largest flower exporter behind the Netherlands. The Andean country exports around 500 million flowers to the U.S. for Valentine’s Day, according to the Colombia Flower Growers Association. (Photo by John Vizcaino/Reuters)
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Qixi – Chinese Valentine’s Day

Qixi - Chinese Valentine's Day

Women in wedding gowns participate in a brides’ race organized by a shopping mall to celebrate the upcoming Qixi Festival in Guangzhou, China, on August 12, 2013. The Qixi Festival, also known as the Double Seven Festival, which falls on the seventh day of the seventh month in the Chinese lunar calendar, is the Chinese version of Valentine’s Day. The festival falls on August 13 this year. (Reuters) Continue reading »

Love’s In the Air: Valentine’s Day Celebrations Kick Off

Love's In the Air: Valentine’s Day Celebrations Kick Off
A diver dressed to look like Poseidon (L), kisses another dressed as the mermaid Marina, during a Valentine’s day event inside an aquarium at the ocean park in Manila February 11, 2012. (Reuters) Continue reading »

Preparation to Valentine’s Day 2012: Just a Business

The countdown for Valentine’s day has begun.

As the world gears up for the big event, Colombia’s flower industry is busy preparing rose consignments to be exported to the U.S. and other global markets. Colombia ships 450 million flowers for Valentine’s Day. The day alone accounts for 12 percent of their annual income, according to figures. But this year, farmers are worried that the slump in global economy and the unfriendly weather might harm their business.

Preparation to Valentine's Day 2012: Just a Business
A worker prepares rose bouquets in preparation for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, at a farm in Cajica. (Reuters) Continue reading »