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This Artist Creates A Cute Animal Wallets


Handmade leather carry goods for those who travel lightly, live simply, and beautifully. Continue reading »

New Poketo x Adventure Time Wallets!

Quirky tales of friendship and exploration collide with art in Poketo’s eagerly awaited limited edition collection of Adventure Time artist-designed wallets. Capturing the fantasy world that is the Land of Ooo in the signature style of four diverse and talented artists, the series features an explosion of colors and imaginative renderings of its kooky characters. This collection marks the second Adventure Time wallet series by Poketo, inspired by the hit Cartoon Network animated series. Continue reading »

Dash Wallets: A Faster and Smarter Wallets

The world’s first quickdraw wallet by Steven Elliot. Dash is thinner, faster, and smarter than your average wallet. Dash Wallets are as flexible and efficient as you’ll ever need them to be.

Dash is thin. Very thin. If card isn’t accepted, Dash carries cash in its third compartment on the bottom. Continue reading »

Assettes. Cassette Wallets.

Great idea! The assettes wallet is a retro flash back to the 80’s. It is slimline and original, inspired by the old skool. Carrying an assettes wallet says you’re stylish and unique – willing to stand out from the crowd.