Murals Of Faceless Figures By Seth Appear To Witness The Unseen


French muralist Julien Malland (aka Sethpreviously) has been extremely prolific over the last year, traveling to far flung locations around the world including China, Tahiti, New Zealand, Italy, Canada, and even the Reunion Islands in just the last few months alone. Seth paints large-scale human figures—mostly children—that appear faceless, cut off by the edges of buildings or turned completely away from the viewer, as if looking out into the world or witnessing something we cannot see. Continue reading »

Oruro Carnival 2012: Bolivian Streets Witness Folk Dance, Colorful Parades

The three-day Carnival of Oruro in Bolivia, which started on Saturday with much fanfare and feasts, will be marked by folk dances, parades and more cultural and religious activities. Dancers from various groups performed during the carnival parade in Oruro. Oruro is a mining and commercial city of more than 200,000 people, located some 124m (200km) south of the country’s capital of La Paz. The Bolivian carnival is about 2000-year-old religious festival that happens in the city of Oruro, dubbed as the folk capital of Bolivia, where partying and religious rituals mingle freely during the carnival celebrations. Photos: REUTERS/David Mercado. Continue reading »