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Ballantine’s Presents Benjamin Von Wong’s Underwater River


In late May, Ballantine’s Scotch whisky and ‘hyper-real’ photographer Benjamin Von Wong journeyed to Tulum, Mexico with a team of 35 (including a champion free diver!) to participate in a unique, experimental underwater photographic project. Floating thirty metres (30m / 100ft) down in the ancient ‘Angelita’ Cenote ‘sinkhole’, is a cloud-like layer of hydrogen sulfide which separates salt and fresh water, creating a unique visual phenomenon – flowing ‘underwater river’. Continue reading »

This Artist Pushes the Limits of Photography and Raises Awareness about Our Planet


Have you ever seen a photograph that made you gasp and wonder how it was made? Chances are, it was taken by Benjamin Von Wong, a Canadian photographer who creates stunning images with a purpose. He is not just an artist, but also an activist who uses his skills to raise awareness about environmental issues. Continue reading »

These Adventurous Maternity Photos Were Shot At Home With Fruit And Veggies

Benjamin Von Wong (previously) is known for his adventurous photo shoots which have taken him all over the world. With the lockdown order in place, he couldn’t even go out much, let alone travel. Continue reading »

Powerful Photos Show Mermaids Swimming In A Plastic Bottle Ocean

Montreal-based photographer Benjamin Von Wong put together an interesting project to try and raise awareness about pollution in the oceans. Von Wong used 10,000 plastic bottles and he placed them in a warehouse then had two beautiful mermaids attempt to swim through the collection and the photos are captivating. Continue reading »

This Photographer Tied A Model Up In Shark-Infested Waters And It Was More Beautiful Than Scary


This picture taken by photographer Benjamin Von Wong features a woman tied down next to live sharks. Von Wong took the photos because he wanted to raise awareness about shark sanctuaries and the beauty of these misunderstood creatures. Continue reading »

A Powerful Series Of Images Featuring People Carrying Out Everyday Chores In Front Of Giant Storms


A thrill-seeking snapper has shot a powerful series of images featuring people carrying out everyday chores in front of giant storms. Benjamin Von Wong’s surreal scenes include individuals ironing, barbecuing, playing video games and even sitting on the toilet – seemingly unaware of the threatening situations approaching. Continue reading »