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Heartfelt Pet Portrait Tattoos by Ria Kim

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Ria Kim, a tattoo artist from Seoul, specializes in creating realistic pet portraits combined with meaningful details like paw prints and flowers. Her work, inspired by her own rescued dog, Goboksu, captures the deep emotional bond between people and their pets, making each tattoo a touching tribute. Continue reading »

The Superb Sensitive Collage Art of Pierre Schmidt


One possible definition of a human being is a featherless biped who knows only that they know nothing. Yet, after satisfying our basic needs, we continuously invent ways to entertain ourselves—whether through religion, pole-dancing, visiting bars, or creating art—highlighting the arbitrary but beautiful pursuits that make us so lucky. Continue reading »

This Digital Artist Perfectly Combines Photography, CGI and Generative Art


Mike Campau, a talented and reputable Digital Artist based in Michigan, has spent the past 20 years excelling in illustration, graphic design, photography, AI and CGI, earning over 100 features on Behance and working with brands like Budweiser, ASICS, and Under Armour to create original and stunning images that tell stories and elevate brands. Continue reading »

An Artist Makes ‘Very Ugly Plates’ With Hilarious And Raunchy Designs


Kamila Majcher’s “Very Ugly Plates” art project combines vintage aesthetics with sharp humor, transforming ordinary porcelain plates into whimsical and irreverent pieces. Continue reading »

This Artist Makes Optimistic Drawings For Sad People


Nick Fisher is a self-described sad, squishy person and part-time comic artist. He created Failureshop as a visual journal to capture his thoughts and feelings, finding it more manageable than maintaining a traditional journal. Continue reading »

The Superb Retro Posters Designed by Eppo Doeve in the 1940s and ’50s


Eppo Doeve (1907–1981), a Dutch painter and cartoonist of Indo descent born in Bandung, Indonesia, moved to the Netherlands in 1927, was knighted in the Order of Orange Nassau in 1973, and is known for his cartoons in Elsevier Weekblad and magazine, as well as his newspaper comics “Mannetje Bagatel” and “Kleine Isar, de Vierde Koning” with texts by Bertus Aafjes. Continue reading »

The Superb Book Covers and Editorial Illustrations by Silja Goetz


Silja Goetz, a freelance illustrator from Germany based in Madrid, creates stunning pieces for international clients, covering a wide range of subjects and media in both editorial and commercial projects. Continue reading »

Blast from the Past: The Futuristic Flying Saucer Gas Stations of Soviet-Era Kyiv


In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Kyiv introduced “flying saucer” gas stations with a unique design inspired by Japan’s “sky pumps,” where hoses were suspended from above for easier refueling. Continue reading »

P A R A N O R M A L A C T I V I T Y: The Superb Surreal AI Portraits by Michele Loubser


Michele Loubser was born in Bloemfontein, South Africa in 1976. Her childhood was spent in Potchefstroom and she completed her Diploma in Fine Arts at the Tswane University of Technology in 1997. Continue reading »

Humorous But Sad Illustrations By Santiago Bara That Might Make You Reflect On Life


In today’s world, life can be pretty strange and absurd, a craziness that isn’t new but now seems omnipresent, and while it might seem confusing and hard to make sense of, that’s not always a bad thing; artist Santiago Bara from Spain, who initially started drawing cartoons for practice, now uses this absurdity as inspiration for his simple yet humorous and thought-provoking illustrations, which have gained him over 8,000 Instagram followers and help people notice the weirdness of modern life. Continue reading »

A Number of Stunning Watercolors From the Year 1940 Were Found to Depict Heads That Had Shrunk

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The world is rich with history and mystery, often intertwining in ways that seem almost unbelievable. Continue reading »

The Superb Dystopian and Futuristic Digital Artworks of Annibale Siconolfi


Annibale Siconolfi, known as “Inward,” is an Italian artist and architect who creates captivating 3D models of dystopian cities and futuristic scenes, inspired by sci-fi movies, contemporary architecture, and global issues like climate change and overpopulation. Continue reading »

Designer and Illustrator Charles Williams Transforms Words and Letters Into Dynamic Art


Made Up, an illustration and designer business with its headquarters in London, specializes in turning words and letters into vibrant pieces of art. Continue reading »

Italian Artist Elia Bonetti Creates Stunning Collages, Portraits, And Still Lifes Using Various Techniques


Italian artist Elia Bonetti works in many mediums, including painting, illustration, and comic books; her stunning collage masterpieces are known the world over. Continue reading »

The Photoshop Masterpieces Created By James Fridman That Take Requests To An Entirely New Level

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James Fridman is a British graphic designer known for his hilarious and literal interpretations of photo editing requests. Continue reading »

Vintage French Lottery Posters From Between the 1930s and ’50s


King Francis I of France, inspired by Italian lotteries, established the first French lottery, the Loterie Royale, in 1539 to aid state finances, but it failed due to high ticket costs and opposition from affluent social classes. Continue reading »

Beautiful Video Game Concept Artworks of Hethe Srodawa


Hethe Srodawa is an industry video game visual designer and storyteller. Among the video game titles he has produced concept art for include Apex Legends, Titanfall 2, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3, L.A. Noire, Grand Theft Auto V, and Defiance. Continue reading »

Impressive and Sensual Oil Paintings by Gabrielle Dobrzelewski


Based in US, Gabrielle Dobrzelewski creates oil paintings that serve as points of departure for exploring larger topics of interest—desire, anxiety, femininity, queerness, and the invisible threads that connect us to one another. Continue reading »

Beautiful Lettering Murals by Emmy Star Brown


Emmy Star Brown, a talented artist based in Chicago, has spent the last decade creating dynamic and vast pieces that bring life to walls and urban environments. Continue reading »

“Double Hexposure”: Stunning Double-Exposure Paintings by Wolf Blazar


Wolf Blazar is a self-taught contemporary digital artist known for his captivating portrait style, which he terms “Double Hexposure.” Continue reading »

The Superb 3D Concept & Surreal Artworks of Prateek Vatash


Prateek Vatash is an artist and illustrator based in India. Continue reading »

Incredible 3D Post-Design by Amano


I love the style of modern post design, it’s an incredible combination of 3D, tribal aesthetics, 90s Japanese design hitech and broken typography. Continue reading »

With the Help of AI, This Artist Expands the Artistic Horizons of Anime to Incredible Depths


I don’t like anime, tried to watch different ones but none of them appealed to me. But I really like the work of manga and anime artists with style. What seems simple is actually very complex. Continue reading »

The Superb 3D Concept Artworks of Elia Pellegrini


Elia Pellegrini, the Italian photographer and 3D artist, delves into surreal and abstract realms, drawing inspiration from epic dreamscapes to explore themes of Time, Light, and Love in his uniquely envisioned visual narratives. Continue reading »

Alison Friend’s Cute And Funny Animal Drawings Will Completely Melt Your Heart

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According to scientific study, we appreciate art because it releases dopamine, a hormone responsible for feelings of pleasure and motivation in our brains. But what if we combined art with another thing that makes people happy—pets? So we end up with a design that is sure to make people pleased. Continue reading »