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From Pineapples to Watermelons: Bonny Carrera’s AI-Generated Chairs Come to Life


Imagine walking into a room and seeing a chair that looks like a giant watermelon slice, complete with the rind and seeds. Or how about a chair that resembles a spiky pineapple, with its sharp edges and textured skin? This is the world of Bonny Carrera, a talented 3D digital artist based in Berlin, Germany, who has collaborated with Midjourney to create a collection of imaginative and intricate conceptual chairs. Continue reading »

Blast Off into Hilarious Sci-Fi with These Humorous and Creative Posters


@SmallWorlds’ Twitter account is on a mission to make 2023 a little bit funnier with their daily sci-fi story idea posters. These clever and hilarious ideas will keep you entertained for the whole year. Some of the concepts may even surprise you (but not in a weird way, you pervert!). Check out our top picks below and get ready to blast off into a world of laughter and creativity. Continue reading »

AI Takes Over Photography, Humans Forced to Find New Hobbies

Harvesting Ice Cream

Who needs humans to make things when we have AI-generated photos? Apparently, even ice cream can grow naturally in this brave new world. But if you’re wondering why the ice cream harvest only happens at night, it’s probably because it’s too scared of melting in the sun. Or maybe it’s just a winter crop, who knows? One thing’s for sure though, if these pictures were real, we’d all be a lot chubbier. Thank goodness for AI, keeping us in shape while fooling us with its realistic imagery. Continue reading »

JoJo’s Hilarious Cat Illustrations: A Feast for the Eyes and Funny Bone


Cats have always had a special place in people’s hearts, with their playful and adorable nature bringing joy to millions around the world. One artist who has taken this feline fascination to the next level is JoJo, a Korean-born artist currently residing in Toronto. Continue reading »

Nostalgia Meets Futurism: The Unique Art of Maxine Gregson


Maxine Gregson’s unique and captivating artworks blend together nostalgia and futurism, creating a style that has been described as “nostalgic futurism.” Her creative process involves using postcards, magazines, and her own photography, along with snippets of lyrics and literature, to create pieces that are both beautiful and thought-provoking. Continue reading »

Exploring the World of Studio Ghibli Through the Eyes of Louise Terrier

Howl’s Moving Castle

Louise Terrier’s stunning paintings pay homage to some of the most beloved heroes of Japanese anime movies. Taking inspiration from Studio Ghibli’s iconic films like “My Neighbor Totoro,” “Spirited Away,” and “Princess Mononoke,” Terrier infuses her own creative flair into these well-known characters, bringing them to life in her unique style. Continue reading »

Futuristic Pakistan in Absolutely Superb Artworks by Kenny Hassan Irwin


As we continue to explore the vast expanse of the cosmos, it’s become increasingly important to embrace and protect the freedoms of all humanity and life elsewhere. This is the ongoing mission of the Pakistani Starfleet – a quest to pave the way for a future that’s advanced in technology, rich in culture, and dedicated to preserving peace while helping those in need. Continue reading »

Captivating Cuisine: Exploring the Anime Genre of Food through AI

“Fried Corn In Istanbul”

Food in anime has become a genre of its own, captivating viewers with exaggerated and colorful dishes that are sure to stimulate the senses. From the characters’ enthusiastic reactions to the variety of foods featured, anime food has the power to evoke sentimental feelings in its audience. Continue reading »

Exploring Post-Apocalyptic Nature and Environmental Issues through Digital Arworks of Nick Pedersen


Nick Pedersen is an award-winning photographer and digital artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah, who uses his art to explore themes related to nature and environmental issues. His work often conveys a post-apocalyptic atmosphere with unique collage techniques, resulting in stunning digital collages that capture the beauty of our world while exploring themes of decay and destruction. Continue reading »

An Artist Creates Stunning Illustrations With Themes Of Life, Nature, Rebirth, And Spirituality


Venus Angelica is a talented children’s book illustrator from Canada who creates captivating art pieces. Her passion for art began at an early age when her parents would read picture books to her at night, using funny voices and acting out the characters. The colorful illustrations in those storybooks sparked her imagination and nurtured her love for visual arts. Continue reading »

AI Artist Uses Midjourney to Bring Simpsons Characters to Life

Ned Flanders

An 18-year-old student from England, Jack Brook, has used artificial intelligence tool Midjourney to create human-like portraits of popular characters from the hit animated sitcom, The Simpsons. Despite some difficulties generating a few family and town members, Brook’s AI creations represent theoretical human versions of The Simpsons characters, fully realized by Midjourney V5. Continue reading »

A Dreamlike Journey through Nature by Julie Hoyas


Julie Hoyas, a Brussels-based art director, illustrator, and designer, transports viewers to a magical world with her ethereal style. Her artwork is a celebration of nature, and her organic representations of flora and fauna are imbued with a richness and depth that can only come from someone who has spent considerable time reveling in the beauty of the natural world. Continue reading »

Absolutely Amazing Pixel Art Portraits by Hatayosi


Hatayosi (ヨシミツ), an incredibly talented artist from Japan, uses Windows Paint to craft amazing caricatures of celebrities in a unique 8-bit style. The level of creativity and skill displayed in each of Hatayosi’s works is truly awe-inspiring. Continue reading »

Unveiling the Emotions of Female Portraits: The Masterful Art of Hungarian Artist Krisztian Tejfel


Krisztian Tejfel, a self-taught Hungarian painter, has carved out a niche in the art world with his classical portraits that evoke a range of human emotions. With a focus on capturing the complexity of life’s darker emotions, such as melancholy, depression, sorrow, and loneliness, Tejfel’s works delve into the essence of the human condition. Continue reading »

Vintage Propaganda Posters of Spanish Civil War in 1937

1st May – We will attack!, 1937

The Spanish Civil War, fought from 1936 to 1939, was a complex conflict between the Republicans and Nationalists, both vying for control over Spain’s government and its future. The Republicans supported the left-leaning Popular Front government of the Second Spanish Republic and consisted of various socialist, communist, separatist, anarchist, and republican parties. On the other hand, the Nationalists were an alliance of Falangists, monarchists, conservatives, and traditionalists led by General Francisco Franco. Continue reading »

Exploring the Concept of Historical Figures Taking Selfies with Modern Mobile Phones

Martin Luther King Jr.
historical-figures-ai-selfies-jy (0)

Ever thought about how historical figures would have used our modern mobile phones? Would they have been selfie enthusiasts? Graphic designer Jyo John Mulloor (previously featured) explored this fascinating concept by blending AI and Photoshop to create an enthralling series of images featuring famous figures taking selfies. Continue reading »

This Korean Tattoo Artist Knowns for Her Distinctive and Colorful Animal-Themed Designs


Tattoos are undoubtedly a form of art, and Korean artist Jojo’s work is a prime example of this. Her signature style features brightly colored and cartoonish designs, making her work easily recognizable. Despite personal preferences for tattoos, Jojo’s artistry cannot be denied. Continue reading »

Meet FULALEO, The Colombian Graphic Artist Who Revived the ’80s in His ‘2080s, The Past is the Future’ Series


Fulvio Alejandro Obregon, also known as Fulaleo, is a Colombian graphic artist and illustrator who has gained recognition for his imaginative and humorous series of images entitled “The 2080s, The past is the future”. Through his artwork, Obregon brings the vibrant spirit of the ’80s back to life by envisioning contemporary pop stars in an ’80s style and creating retro-wave album covers for them. Continue reading »

Indian Artist Uses AI to Visualize the Unpredictability of Financial Success


Indian artist Gokul Pillai has created a series of works using AI technology to imagine what some of the world’s wealthiest people might look like if they were poor. His inspiration for this project came from the Hollywood movie “Slumdog Millionaire,” which tells the story of a young man from the slums who becomes rich overnight. Continue reading »

Meet Nadia Tolstoy, the Stockholm-Based Illustrator and Cartoonist Who Will Change the Way You See Words


Nadia Tolstoy is a Stockholm-based illustrator and cartoonist who has captured the attention of many on social media. She describes her work as “mildly amusing doodles” that are “surreal at times and frequently silly.” Nadia has created a series of illustrations that combine different things to represent a single word, resulting in absurd and amusing visuals that will change the way you perceive words. Continue reading »

The Misuse of Artificial Intelligence for Celebrity Concrete Eating Images


Rather than harnessing the incredible potential of artificial intelligence for practical purposes, some individuals have chosen to create images of celebrities eating concrete. Continue reading »

Beautiful Illustrations and Sketches by Zhijun He


“Hi. My name is Yinko. I am a Chinese visual development artist and illustrator based in NYC. I graduated from School of Visual Arts in 2022, majoring in illustration.” Continue reading »

Meet Ksenia Buridanova, an Artist Who Creates Surrealist Oil Paintings and Generates Art Using Neural Networks


Meet Ksenia Buridanova, an artist who creates surrealist oil paintings and generates art using neural networks. She first trains AI models on her own paintings, then processes and adds finishing touches to the resulting images, with some of them becoming inspiration for new works. For example, her latest painting “Inside” is a continuation of pieces made with Stable Diffusion. Continue reading »

A New Perspective on Life in Witty Drawings by Yuval Robichek


This title refers to a collection of 30 drawings by Israeli artist Yuval Robichek that use clever and humorous ideas to convey a message or express an emotion. Witty drawings are a type of artwork that often feature wordplay, puns, or visual jokes to make the viewer laugh or think in a new way. Continue reading »

Exploring the Power of Surreal Landscapes – The Otherworldly Art of Jati Putra Pratama


Jati Putra Pratama, an Indonesian graphic designer, has gained a reputation for his incredible artwork, which defies the laws of physics and challenges our perceptions of reality. His surreal landscapes seem to exist in a world beyond our own, where gravity has lost its hold and the very fabric of nature has been transformed. Continue reading »