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Ernest Howard Shepard’s Original Drawings of Winnie the Pooh


The following illustrations are from the Sotheby’s catalogue for the auction of 42 items, titled “That sort of Bear”: E.H. Shepard’s Winnie-the-Pooh from the Collections of Stanley J Seeger and Christopher Cone. This auction was held at New Bond Street in London on December 17, 2008. Continue reading »

Ghost of ZOË: A Unique 3D Organic Project by Mike Campau


Mike Campau has released a new 3D project and NFT called Ghost of ZOË, which is a continuation of the original ZOË project. Continue reading »

Brightening Winter Nights: Jeremy Miranda’s Festive Holiday Light Paintings


In Jeremy Miranda’s paintings, colorful lights that are hung on trees and along gutters create a warm, vibrant atmosphere on gloomy winter evenings. Continue reading »

Svitlana Harkusha: Master of Beautiful and Atmospheric Concept Art


As a Ukrainian artist specializing in visual development, environment design, and concept art, Svitlana Harkusha has the unique ability to bring stories to life through her art. Continue reading »

Finally, the 2023 Calendar of Extremely Accurate Birds


Due to the widespread request from birdwatchers and ornithologists, artist Tommy Siegel has created a highly detailed calendar featuring various species of birds. Continue reading »

The Baby Superstar: An Artist Has Used AI to Imagine Famous Pop Culture Characters as Babies

Beavis and Butthead

California-based designer Gil Finkelstein uses his imagination and AI to transform iconic characters into babies. Gil adds a touch of humor to his creations by exaggerating certain features and adding comical expressions to these little versions of music, film, and political legends. Continue reading »

An Artist Enjoys Spending His Time Drawing Realistically on Different Types of Cups, Including ‘Stanley’ Thermoses


According to Berk Armagan: “Hello, I’m Berk Armagan. As you might know, from previous posts on Bored Panda, I travel the world selling my realistic drawings on paper cups. Continue reading »

Before the Advent of Photoshop, People Used to Create Homemade Christmas Cards, 1930s-1960s


Long before the availability of Photoshop, people were known for their ingenuity and creativity in creating homemade holiday and Christmas greeting cards. Continue reading »

Stylish and Colorful Illustrations by Dani Blazquez


Dani Blazquez is a talented artist from Salamanca, Spain. He has created numerous graphics for Landyachtz over the past few seasons. From 2009 to 2012, he studied illustration at the EAO in Oviedo and then turned his hobby into a career. Dani is frequently involved in international projects and is represented by in Amsterdam. Continue reading »

The Superb Hand Drawn Illustrations by Jon Juarez


Jon Juarez is an artist, author, and illustrator from San Sebastián, Spain. He spent over a decade learning and refining his technique before beginning to work on commissioned projects. He is known for creating beautiful sketches and drawings with bright colors and a surrealist touch. Continue reading »

This Japanese Studio Creates Fantastically Detailed Illustrations


IC4DESIGN is a production studio specialized in illustration and graphic design. Based in Hiroshima, Japan. Their strength is fun and detailed illustrations. Continue reading »

Artist Illustrates The Crazy Life Of Being A Cat In Cozy Watercolor Paintings


According to Draw An: “I am Draw An from Taiwan. I love drawing watercolor paintings of cats, and I want to show you some of my favorites.” Continue reading »

Artist Makes Giant Sand Drawings That Are Between 30 And 100 Meters Wide


According to Jben, a French artist: “I’m Jben and I have drawn massive designs on the beach since 2013 using rakes. I’m located on the French West coast in Royan where I have lots of different beaches to use as a canvas for my art. Beach art is a kind of land art, but based on performance, because you only have 4 hours to make a unique design between the tides. Continue reading »

March Of Robots: The Artist Creates a Series of Illustrations to Get out Of His Comfort Zone


According to Annada Menon: “I love taking up monthly art challenges from time to time. I wanted to take up something completely out of my comfort zone in 2020. I am not great with drawing machines and this seemed like a fun way to start. My approach for the series was to make the robots cute and friendly. Continue reading »

Incredible 3D Art Toys by Zang Ari1


South Korean designer Zang Ari1 is the creator of some of the most unique and fun art toys. By combining a minimalist aesthetic with twisting shapes, Zang produces incredibly expressive art toys that are sure to brighten anyone’s day. Continue reading »

Amazing Illustrations, Posters and Comic Covers by Doaly


Doaly is a UK based graphic designer and digital illustrator with a passion for story telling. His work is characterised by his bold conceptual approach to illustration and his ability to adapt his style to the most sympathetic to the subject matter. Continue reading »

Superb Posters and Advertising Illustrations by Black Madre Atelier


“Black Madre Atelier is a studio of fine art, illustration, animation and design, based in São Paulo, Brazil. Since 2009, it develops artistic projects in different areas such as advertising, fashion, editorial and design. Our creative work is handmade, as a traditional process, which combined with digital tools reaches more possibilities for application and results. Continue reading »

Reddit Users Wanted To See How Famous Movie Characters Would Look If They Were Hipsters, Samurai, And Babies


Midjourney is an independent research lab that produces a proprietary artificial intelligence program. It uses textual descriptions in order to generate breath-taking images in just seconds. AI combined with art might seem contraversial for some artist, yet a huge portion of the internet is keen on testing out the waters of this technology while creating ‘artwork’ like never before. Continue reading »

“Wild Lines 2”: A Collection Of Animal Illustrations Drawn With Just A Single Line


“We’re Loooop, a French creative studio specializing in one-line art. “Wild Lines 2” is a collection of animal drawings drawn with just a single line. It’s a very special project to us because it’s the sequel of the very first project we shared on the internet. Continue reading »

Artist Creates Superheroes With AI To Help Fight Your Real Everyday Problems

Pollinator Man
A hero of Earth, and is sadly allergic to pollen.

According to Kevin Lamb: “Can’t reach that itch in the middle of your back? Can’t get that jar of pickles open? And you ran out of kitty litter again? Continue reading »

Football Cats: With a Help of Midjourney, Artist Creates These Purrrfect Fans Of Football


According to Mo Petkelė: “Check out my football fans – cat edition collection of AI generated images. I feel like befriending a partner, where I – a person behind ideas and the AI bot (Midjourney) is a hardworking partner who actually does the doings. My personal cheering goes to Netherlands, Germany and Spain. three teams I was always a fan of since the beginning of setting my eyes on football.” Continue reading »

The Superb Atmospheric Surreal 3D Artworks of Eugene Tikhonov


3D artist Eugene Tikhonov creates amazing outworlds, combining real life and surrealism with 3D. Continue reading »

This Japanese Artist Is Inspired By The Simple Life Of Simple People


Life has always been the inspiration of Japanese artist Yuuki Nishimura. It is there that he finds the raw material for his work: people. Continue reading »

Artist Creates Stunning Surreal Generative Art of Foggy Landscapes


The Mexican photo-artist Raúl Cantú is fascinated by the imaginative possibilities of photography and technology. Continue reading »

The Artist Creates Horrifying Pictures of Ordinary Life and Situations with The Help of Neural Networks


Neural networks are tightly woven into the process of creating more and more conceptual images and scenes. The generated plots are now just a matter of the author’s imagination and proper requests. Continue reading »