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Artist Alireza Pakdel Illustrates Modern Society’s Problems, And Here Are New Illustrations


In the modern world where our countries, cities, and society evolve so rapidly, you would expect any problem to be easily solved. However, the issues we face usually grow with us and are ever-changing. Continue reading »

Digital Illustrations That Expose The Flaws Of Today’s Society By Alireza Pakdel

The works of the Iranian illustrator Alireza Pakdel criticize the current patterns of behavior in society and propose a reflection on issues that are left aside by a large part of the modern-day population. Continue reading »

Artist Takes A Critical Look At Modern Society And Calls Attention To Problems In Today’s World With His Thought-Provoking Illustrations

Alireza Pakdel (previously) is a cartoonist, illustrator, and art director from Iran. His work mostly explores and revolves around various problems that are dominant in our modern-day society, reminding us of important things that we might overlook when it comes to our everyday lives. Continue reading »