A Thrill-Seeking Photographer Risked Life And Limb As He Swam Alongside A Ten-Foot-Long American Crocodile Near Belize

Photo by Rodrigo Friscione / mediadrumworld.com

Stunning pictures show Mexican underwater photographer Rodrigo Friscione getting up close and personal with the two-hundred-pound predator. Other shots show the curious croc check itself out in the camera lens and poke its head above water. Rodrigo, who runs a dive shop in Cancun, Mexico, took the spectacular images in Chinchorro Banks. Continue reading »

National Geographic Installed The Sculpture Alongside Trafalgar Square’s Famous Lion Statues


A lion sculpture installed by National Geographic Wild to highlight the threat to endangered big cats, stands in Trafalgar Square in London, Britain January 28, 2016. National Geographic installed the sculpture alongside Trafalgar Square’s famous lion statues to promote it’s week of programming on big cats. (Photos by Stefan Wermuth/Reuters) Continue reading »

Man Freezes Alongside Icy Painting in Surreal Self-Portrait Sculpture


If an artwork could ever give you a chill, it’s a sculpture by Laurent Pernot. His piece titled Self Portrait Face to a Winter Canvas features a life-sized replica of the Paris-based artist as he stands in front of a framed snowy scene. Continue reading »