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Artist Liu Bolin ‘Disappears’ In An Iceberg For Moncler Fall Ads

Moncler has renewed for the second season its partnership with Liu Bolin and Annie Leibovitz for the brand’s fall advertising campaign. In particular, the Chinese performance artist and photographer, known in the art world as “the Invisible Man,” immersed himself in nature once again to offer another of his signature “camouflage” installations, which was captured by the American photographer. Continue reading »

Fantastic New Transformations of Liu Bolin, the Invisible Painted Man


Liu Bolin is a Chinese artist who has a rather unusual way of making his performance art… by painting himself to merge with his background. His nickname is “The Invisible Man” and the following photo’s show why. Playing “Hide and seek” with this man would be rather tricky.

Challenge yourself and your friends… Can you find him on all of these pictures? Continue reading »