World Cup 2014 Fans’ Emotional Roller Coaster: The Agony and the Ecstasy

An England fan at a bar in London celebrates as Daniel Sturridge scores against Italy. (Reuters)
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Snuk Polar Coaster

When you drink some cold drink, ‘Snuk Polar Coaster‘ prevents your table from being wet by water leaking from the cup surface. Continue reading »

Euthanasia Coaster

“Euthanasia Coaster” is a hypothetical euthanasia machine in the form of a roller coaster engineered to humanely – with elegance and euphoria – take the life of a human being. Riding the coaster’s track, the rider is subjected to a series of intensive motion elements that induce various unique experiences: from euphoria to thrill, and from tunnel vision to loss of consciousness, and, eventually, death. Thanks to the marriage of the advanced cross-disciplinary research in aeronautics/space medicine, mechanical engineering, material technologies and, of course, gravity, the fatal journey is made pleasing, elegant and meaningful. Continue reading »