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Self-Taught Artist Turns Dead Cockroaches Into Painted Works of Art


Brenda Delgado, a self-taught artist from Manila, in the Philippines, paints dead cockroaches into miniature artworks inspired by classics like Starry Night or Girl With a Pearl Earring. Continue reading »

Creepy But Amazing Kafka-Inspired Cockroach Backpack

A Dangerous Minds reader submitted these images of a Kafka-inspired cockroach backpack without any information. The text at the bottom is in Spanish and says “To go to work… with style.” Continue reading »

Giant Cockroach Float: Is That A Cockroach In The Pool?


Nothing quite beats the cool water of a refreshing dip in a pool. That is unless you have to deal with the crowds at a community pool. Don’t get me wrong, I love community pools…l just do not like the crowds! There are many things you can do to clear the crowds out of a community pool. There is always the classic prank of dropping a Baby Ruth candy bar and watching people run to their cars! However, I always like to take things in a subtle way and avoid overall panic. Continue reading »

There Has Been A Dead Cockroach In The Anthropology Building’s Stairwell For At Least Two Weeks. Some Enterprising Person Has Now Made Her A Little Shrine.

3rd December

A professor at Texas A&M University posted these photos to Facebook. Continue reading »