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The Beautifully Curvy Ladies of The Illustrator Kenron Toqueen

Kenron Toqueen is a comics artist from Chile who draws lush (and not only) girls with a nice anime look. He often draws them in the company of bizarre monsters, hell-monsters, and tentacles, but they’re pretty cute, too. Continue reading »

The Adorable Photo Series Shows Curvy Canines And Flexible Felines Participating In A Spot Of Yoga


The shots feature the animals in the likes of the lotus position, balancing on two legs, and stretching in ways that would make the greatest of yoga masters proud. Photographer Dan Borris came up with the idea for the series in 2000, when he was asked by a friend to photograph her in a yoga pose while her dog bothered her. Dan thought images of the dog itself performing yoga positions would be amusing, and, having kept the idea in his mind, began shooting such a series in 2005, releasing his first calendar in 2005. Continue reading »

Project WomanKIND Sees 5 Curvy Models Lay Bare Their Body Insecurities

#ProjectWomanKIND is a YouTube web series featuring five curvy models.

Sophie Sheppard, Margaret Macpherson, Stefania Ferrario, Jessica Vander Leahy and Olivia Langdon are part of #ProjectWomanKIND. Continue reading »