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Cartoonist Smartly Illustrated Eternal Fight Between The Brain And The Heart


Cartoonist Nick Seluk publishes amusing webcomic called “Awkward Yeti” which illustrates the constant struggle between the heart and the brain. Continue reading »

ROX – The Eternal Ice Cube

ROX are the perfect way to bring your beverage to its ideal drinking temperature and keep it there without watering down your drink. ROX are made from 100% Soapstone, a non-porous, odorless, and inert stone that will retain a neutral taste in your freezer, unlike ice cubes. Soapstone has a high thermal mass, giving it the natural ability to retain its temperature for extended periods of time. For Centuries, people have been using soapstone to cook food and keep warm. Now we’re using these stones to keep cool. As Bob Dylan would say, “Times they are a changin”.

A Chilling Recipe for Eternal Life

The cryo-repository looks like an ordinary hangar.

What if it takes one single pill to rewind your clock of life? No more health issues, you are no longer getting old… Impossible? According to some, not in the future. And as a Russian cryonics firm insists, they have the way of taking you there. Continue reading »