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A Chilling Recipe for Eternal Life

The cryo-repository looks like an ordinary hangar.

What if it takes one single pill to rewind your clock of life? No more health issues, you are no longer getting old… Impossible? According to some, not in the future. And as a Russian cryonics firm insists, they have the way of taking you there.

A cryostat with customers’ bodies.

Cryonics is a complex of knowledge aimed at low-temperature preservation of bodies of those humans or animals that can no longer be sustained by contemporary medicine, with a view to their possible reanimation in the future, when appropriate technologies and cures will supposedly be available.

The backbone of this ideology is based on the assumption that people who are considered dead by today’s medical and legal standards may not necessarily be dead from the point of future medicine – the one based on deeper knowledge and supported by appropriate techniques. This is the reason why at the Russian cryonics firm they refer to their clients as “patients”… even to the dead ones.

A vehicle with liquid nitrogen.

A worker is getting ready to fill the cryostat with nitrogen.

The evaporating liquid nitrogen lets off heavy steam.

Due to liquid nitrogen, the temperature in the Dewar vessel.

A vehicle that has delivered the nitrogen.

An entrance to the out-of-town KrioRus office.

Danila Medvedev makes tea for reporters.

Speaking in an out-of-town, somewhat shabby storage facility that belongs to KrioRus, Danila Medvedev, the head of the company’s board of directors, was putting all his effort into trying to assure me that rejuvenation is not going to be a problem in the future.

“Aging is a problem of today, because we don’t know how it works,” Dr. Medvedev begins. “In 100 years or so it will only take one single pill to alter the epigenetic regulation in all cells of your body in accordance with a required program.”

The managing director talks about the company’s work.

“In other words,” he continued, “the smart pill, depending on how exactly you are aging, will make, for instance, liver cells increase the expression of a particular gene three-fold, while nanocapsules with necessary proteins will do their job and activate the required genes. If you have excess fat deposits in your body, the cells of fat will be instructed to dedifferentiate into stem cells and creep away to where they are needed to increase regeneration processes, and so on.”

Sometimes the future is more like the past.

A ladder toward the unknown.

The door to the future is nearly open.

The company director peeps inside and checks if all is okay.

Frozen bodies are kept in orange sleeping bags, and heads or extracted brains are kept in metallic containers.

(Vitaliy Matveev, RT)

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