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8-Year-Old Feeds Crows And They Leave Her Small “Thank You” Gifts In Return


In 2011, Gabi Mann was a four-year-old in Seattle with a habit of dropping her food. A chicken nugget might fall off her lap while she’s getting out of the car, and Gabi wouldn’t pick it up. Instead, the crows rushed to the forgotten morsel and hoped for another bite. Gabi eventually noticed this pattern and rewarded their attention by sharing some of her packed lunch on the way to the bus stop.
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This Ingenious Vending Machine Feeds Homeless Animals

This Ingenious Vending Machine Feeds Homeless Animals

The company Pugedon has come up with an effective way to both look after the environment and care for animals living on the streets. In one city, they set up vending machines which fill up special trays with food when an empty plastic bottle is placed in them. The profit made from the recycled bottles covers the costs of providing the food for the animals. Continue reading »

Oakland Zoo Feeds Pumpkins to Animals

A tiger plays with a pumpkin at the Oakland Zoo in Oakland, Calif., on Friday, Nov. 8, 2013. Over the next few months visitors will be able to view animals feasting on and playing with thousands of the leftover donated pumpkins. (Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group) Continue reading »

Tour Guide Feeds 17 Foot Crocodile

To most of us, hand-feeding crocodiles might sound like a one-way ticket to a watery grave. But for Jose Eduardo Chaves Salas, 32, coming within inches of the fearsome creatures’ razor-sharp teeth is all in a day’s work. He runs Jose’s Crocodile River Tour on the Tarcoles River in Costa Rica, where tourists can watch him feed crocs up to 17 feet long.

“At first it’s very scary to be next to these huge creatures in their natural habitat, but with time and practice you lose the nerves and get used to it”, Jose said. The croc whisperers are based in the town of Tarcoles, in Central Pacific Costa Rica, around an hour’s drive from the capital of San José where Jose was born. Despite their terrifying reputation, the Costa Rican is keen to dispel the idea that crocodiles are aggressive and out-of-control. “They are not violent or dangerous if you are knowledgeable about them and know how to work with them”, Jose said.

A tour guide dangles a piece of meat above the open jaws of a crocodile on the banks of the Tarcoles river in Tarcoles, Costa Rica. (Barcroft Media) Continue reading »