Beautiful, Dramatic Illustrations Of Ocean Waves And Galaxies In Coffee Mugs By Victoria Siemer


Victoria Siemer is a New York-based graphic designer created a heartbreaking ‘Human Error’ series, which gives your morning cup of coffee an additional dose of surrealism with her latest project, entitled ‘Coffee Cup Manipulations’. Continue reading »

Afros Turned Into Flowery Galaxies To Make Black Women Proud Of Their African Heritage


Pierre Jean-Louis, a visual artist from US, creates mesmerizing portraits of black women by transforming their hair into flowery galaxies. By turning their Afros into works of art in his series, “Black Girl Magic,” Jean-Louis wants to inspire black women to embrace their African heritage. Continue reading »

3-Year-Old Little Girl Creates Paintings Of Galaxies Using Paint, Glitter And A Fork


Cassandra Gee is a 3-year-old little artist. She loves going to the beach, elephants, fairies and painting. On canvas she uses acrylic paint and manipulates it with a fork or a skewer, and then adds a touch of glitter (toddlers and glitter… need we say more?). And her paintings look like real galaxies! Continue reading »

Tiny Star Wars Terrariums Bring Far Away Galaxies Into Your Home

In a workshop far, far away, artist Tony Larson recreates amazing Star Wars landscapes complete with our favorite iconic characters! Yoda, R2D2, and Ewoks strike action poses in glass enclosures filled with rocks, moss, and sand. George Lucas would be proud of the tiny globes, jars, and bowls from from Larson’s “The Wonder Room“. The tiny living sci-fi worlds are available through his Etsy Store, starting at around $100.00 for each realistic miniature scene.
Continue reading »

Amazing Space Photo of the Antennae Galaxies

The Antennae Galaxies are seen in this image made from the parabolic antennas of the ALMA project in the Atacama desert, some 1,074 miles north of Santiago, Chile and 16,404 feet above sea level. The astronomy observatory has officially opened for astronomers. ALMA will have 66 high precision antennas which will work together as a single giant telescope to study the universe, molecular gas, dust of stars, galaxies and planetary systems, the ESO said. (ALMA, NASA/Reuters) Click image to zoom.