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These Ugly Couches That Everybody’s Grandparents Had In Their Living Room!

Geometric shapes, floral patterns, and vibrant colors, including copious amounts of orange, were all design features of the decade, and although many view the 1970s as the decade style forgot, there is much from the period that is worth reviving.

These vintage couches will take you back in time, and you won’t want to come back. Continue reading »

Guy Uses Photographs To Follow In The Footsteps Of His Grandparents


Armed with his grandfather’s travel photographs, and his grandmother’s journals this man spent four years traveling across the United States following in their footsteps. He followed their footsteps right to some of America’s most stunning national parks and he took photos along the way so that he could share his journey with the rest of the world. Continue reading »

Past Present Project: Photographer Placed Grandparents Photographs In Today Places

Christian Carollo, through his ‘Past Present Project’, recounts his grandparent’s life with their photographs. He places old pictures in their original location but at our time. An original way to show the evolution of these places, sometimes negligible, and paying a real tribute. Continue reading »