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Brazilian Model Paola Antonini Inspires Fans On Instagram After Losing Leg In Car Crash


Paola Antonini, a 21-year-old Brazilian model who lost her left leg has become an Instagram sensation thanks to support from hundreds of thousands of fans and an air of inspiration surrounding her. She lost her leg in 2014 after being hit by a drunken driver in a car accident. Continue reading »

Woman Hilariously Recreates More Ridiculous Instagram Photos Posted By Celebs


Last year, we featured Australian comedian Celeste Barber’s comical recreations of absurd Instagram photos posted by celebrities. What began as a joke has now turned into a full-fledged series that has strangers sending in requests for specific images of superstars to be remade. View highlights of her latest additions below and stay updated via her Instagram account. Continue reading »

Cats In Christmas Trees Is Our New Instagram Obsession


If you own a cat and you celebrate Christmas, chances are you know that our feline friends really like Christmas trees. But not all cats are content with pawing off the most expensive baubles and lapping up water from the stand. Continue reading »

These Are The Yoga Photos No One Wants To Put On Instagram


There are two kinds of people who do yoga. The first group is the attractive, yoga junkies who have stylish yoga outfits and somehow look elegant while bending their body into a pretzel. These are the people you probably see on Instagram or on posters for yoga classes. Continue reading »

Historical Figures Hilariously Share Their Instagram Photos


So we stumbled across, Histagrams a satirical blog dedicated to documenting the history of the world entirely on Instagram. Imagine an alternative universe whereby the likes of Cleopatra, Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or Steve Jobs all had an Instagram account. What would they take photos of? What username would they pick? And more importantly which filters if any would they use? These are the important questions in life, but thanks to the wit and creativity of Histagrams, we’re able to give you an insight into what their Instagrammifications might have been like. Continue reading »

One Of The Most Creative Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Immediately


Based in Jakarta, Indonesia graphic designer Jati Putra Pratama is the creator of one of the most visually interesting (and frequently stunning) Instagram accounts we’ve seen a long time. Thanks to a little bit of Photoshop trickery and magic, he’s been able to construct a series of dreamlike images that often verge on the surreal. Continue reading »

Instagram Helps Hide the Harsh Reality of Life in India


Whilst Instagram has helped us all see more of the world, it’s also changed the way we view it in more ways than one. Continuing on from our recent story that revealed what was really happening behind-the-scenes of your favorite Instagram accounts, comes the eye-opening series ‘Broken India’. Continue reading »

Funny Photos of Men Mimicking Women on Instagram


The men you’ll see below maintain a distance from themselves and treat Instagram with a pinch of salt and that’s why they decided to troll women sharing photos on Instagram. Continue reading »

If Disney Characters Used Instagram, This Is What You’d See

Like many of us, freelancer Italian illustrator Simona Bonafini grew up with all manner of childhood characters from Hercules, Alice In Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty to Cinderella and Aladdin. Continue reading »

IBM Engineer Gives Up Job To Be A Full-Time Instagram Photographer


Former IBM engineer, Eelco Roos, gave up his job to pursue his passion for photography and has Instagram to thank for his new-found success (a picture shown above that he shot at Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada). Continue reading »

I Follow You! Christian LeBlanc Copies Instagram Craze With Photos Of Girlfriend Leading Him

In 2013, the internet exploded when Russian photographer Murad Osmann posted shots of his stunning girlfriend Natalia Zakharova in exotic locations around the globe. Whether in Hong Kong, Sinapore, Bali or Rome, the one constant in these photographs was Natalia leading Murad by the hand, facing away from the camera. Osmann’s #followmeto Instagram now has three million followers.

And now a Canadian couple, on their own adventure in Asia, are attempting to emulate this success. Christian LeBlanc, 22, and his girlfriend Laura Reid, 22, from Vancouver, have been travelling since the beginning of this year.

Christian LeBlanc, 22, and his girlfriend Laura, also 22, documented their travels all over the globe. Lost Lagoon, El Nido Philippines. Continue reading »

Sir Charles Barkley on Instagram

Over just 18 months, Sir Charles Barkley, a French bulldog from Seattle, Washington, has become an internet sensation. His daily photos have attracted him an Instagram following of more than 115,000 fans. Named after the former basketball player Charles Barkley, Sir Charles has been racking up the orange hearts on Instagram since the first day his owners, Melissa and Paul, met his breeders and took pictures of the adorable pup. Continue reading »