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Brazilian Architect Draws Buildings Inspired By Everyday Objects

Some artists look for inspiration in otherworldly places, while others use whatever is around them and make the most out of it! Brazilian architect, urban planner, building technician, and art lover Felipe de Castro turns everyday objects, places, and foods into unusual architectural designs. In his wild imagination, a face mask transforms into a hospital, a microphone is a hotel, a sandwich becomes an oddly-shaped building, and a stamp turns into an Apple office.

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The 33-year-old artist based in Rio de Janeiro has liked to draw since he was a little kid and now he teaches students and professionals the techniques of perspective drawing. He has had a very vivid imagination since childhood and used to imagine household items in different scenarios, but started bringing his wild ideas to life only a few years ago.

“I always did these re-readings in my mind, I didn’t draw on paper. When I was very little, I looked at objects imagining what these objects would look like on a much larger scale, how people would be walking under objects,” Felipe de Castro told Bored Panda.

Felipe de Castro chose drawing to express himself because it’s the easiest to understand.

“We have several ways of expressing ourselves: with speech, writing, body language, but drawing is a form that does not have many interpretations. Of course, except for surrealist drawing, and these drawings are more focused on art, but as our case is more technical and artistic, but more focused on architecture, people look and already have an understanding and an interpretation. The drawing is what the person is seeing.”

“When I posted on social media, people liked it a lot. Everyone started to share it, it drew the attention of many people, including teachers from all over the world who have contacted me to say that they are doing these exercises with their students. This is very rewarding for me to know that I am helping students from all over the world.”

So welcome to the surreal world of creative buildings inspired by the most unexpected objects! We encourage you to put your brain to work today and train your creativity and imagination as well by imagining and drawing objects around you as buildings!

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