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Artist Uses Neural Network To Create These Images Of The Hit Series Stranger Things


According to Antti Karppinen (previously featured): “I am a photographer & visual artist because I want to create something special, something people can relate to and feel. Telling stories visually is my strength. In the digital era, the most impressive stories will be told in pictures. Continue reading »

Artifacts from the Central Intelligence Agency Museum

An essential part of the survival kit for American forces in the Philippines, China and Burma, this knife was ideal for cutting through jungle brush. It also had potential as a combat knife – its manufacturer provided instructions on how to use the Woodsman’s Pal to defeat a Japanese soldier armed with a samurai sword. (Photo by Central Intelligence Agency)
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The High Intelligence Office’s Meaningful Posters and Truthful Tees

Take a look at graphic design project, started by Francisco Mazza and Amanda Cozens, a graphic designer from Argentina and a counselling student from Wales, living in beautiful St Ives, England. They are trying to release their own unique graphic design vision thru posters and t-shirts. The posters are not just digital prints. Screen printing is a craft. The t-shirts are Earth Positive, high quality 100% organic cotton. Both will be printed and shipped from England. Please, support them on Kickstarter! Continue reading »