Designer Creates Human Ivory Jewelry Out Of Her Own Teeth


In a time when ivory poaching has gotten so bad that it threatens to wipe out several animal species, a young Dutch designer is creating “egalitarian jewelry” made of our very own ivory – teeth. Continue reading »

Car Repair Service In Ivory Coast

A boy works on a car in Babi Kouakou’s car repair garage in Bouake, Ivory Coast February 9, 2016. Babi specialises in restoring old cars. (Photo by Thierry Gouegnon/Reuters) Continue reading »

Harvesting Cocoa Beans in Ivory Coast

Women from a local cocoa farmers association called BLAYEYA work in a cocoa farm in Djangobo, Niable in eastern Ivory Coast, November 17, 2014. BLAYEYA is a women’s only association with each member owning a field and planting cocoa. (Photo by Thierry Gouegnon/Reuters)
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