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Incredible Upholstery Animal Head Wall Mounts By Kelly Jelinek

These are some of the upholstered faux taxidermy animal mounts created by artist Kelly Jelinek. Prices range from $800 – $3,500 depending on the animal chosen and materials used. Continue reading »

“Girl Power” By Kelly Reemtsen

Kelly Reemtsen mixes it up with 50’s glam and hints of the macabre. Heroines are wielding an axe, shears, a hose or rubber gloves. Continue reading »

Toffee Sculptures by Skye Kelly

Artist Skye Kelly’s “Creep (strain)” sculpture is made from toffee. The viscous fluid deforms under the force of gravity, resulting in elongated drips and slow jets that buckle and coil upon reaching the floor. Continue reading »