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Funny Illustrations That Show The Two Kinds Of People In The World

There are two types of people…morning people and those who want to shoot morning people (designers are usually nocturnal and hence fall under the latter). Portuguese art director Joao Rocha has created a fun series of minimalist illustrations that classifies people into two broad groups based on their daily habits and preferences. Check it out below. Continue reading »

There Are Only Two Kinds Of People In This World


Everyone possesses a whole number of characteristics which make them unique. Yet there are certain things which all of us have in common. Continue reading »

Funny Illustrations About Two Kinds of People


The Tumblr 2 Kinds of People continues to divide the world in two distinct parts through funny illustrations, referring to pop culture, daily habits and our digital era. There are those who go to the movies or download films, those who eat their watermelon with or without pips, those who read books or ebooks, those who use the loudspeaker on their mobile or the earpiece, those who loved the latest trailer of Star Wars or those who didn’t. Continue reading »