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14 Fantastic Ideas To Help Your Children Learn To Draw


All children love drawing and painting, but many of them struggle to make progress in this area which is so crucial for their development. It’s very important to help your children as much as you can in realising their ideas and fantasies on paper.

But there’s no reason to think you can’t help them here if you don’t know how to draw. It’s actually a lot easier than you think — you just have to know what basic shapes to employ and build it up from there. To get you started, we prepared a set of pictures which show you step-by-step how to draw various animals. Draw them with a pencil, and then rub out the lines as you go along. Have a go, and perhaps by the end it won’t be just your child that has a new enthusiasm for drawing.
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Numbers on Stairs Help Kids Learn to Count


This kindergarten in Slovenia, designed by Jure Kotnik Architecture, has a staircase where they put a number on each stair, as a subtle way to encourage self-learning. Because kids have little legs, they pay attention to each stair they climb, and by placing the numbers on each stair, it gets them counting in their heads or even out loud.
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