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The Artist Creates Funny and Sad Comics About the Secret Life of Lightbulbs


According to an artist: “Today I would like to share with you my comics that are all about that lightbulb life. Sure, they are just everyday objects, but my imagination wanted to give them more credit by giving them a secret life.” Continue reading »

This Artist Paints On Burnt Out Lightbulbs To Repurpose Them As Christmas Tree Ornaments


According to David Irvine: “I salvage burnt out lightbulbs and create truly one-of-a-kind festive ornaments. Scenes range from vintage, traditional, pop culture, and kitsch. The backsides I marbled with either red or green paint.” Continue reading »

Artist’s 5,000 Lightbulbs Brighten up an English Winter

Ed Manders makes final adjustments to lighting artist Bruce Munro’s latest installation ‘Field of Light’ in the grounds of the Holbourne Musuem on November 23 in Bath, England. (Matt Cardy / Getty Images) Continue reading »