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The Artist Creates Funny and Sad Comics About the Secret Life of Lightbulbs


According to an artist: “Today I would like to share with you my comics that are all about that lightbulb life. Sure, they are just everyday objects, but my imagination wanted to give them more credit by giving them a secret life.”

More: Instagram, Facebook h/t: boredpanda


“These comics first saw the light in 2016, but that life was short-lived, as I did not continue them till now. When I first started drawing, my idea was to fill all pages of the notebook that I randomly bought in Berlin. It had 24 pages, so I sketched 24 comics. My friends saw my drawings and encouraged me to create a digital version. That is what pushed me to create Facebook and Instagram accounts where I could share my work.”


“Now, I started to create comics once again because I remembered how fun it was through the look of my new coworkers. I decided to continue, and this time for real. My personal goal is to make these comics for at least a year weekly to tickle my creative bone and to see how my brain works with such a task. For now, I have experienced one little demotivation so far. We’ll see how it will evolve in the future.”


“I wish my comic design was a bit more finished. I have not changed it since 2016. But I hope in the future, I will be able to spend a tad more time developing the design. For now, I invite you to enjoy my beginner skills!

As I mentioned already, my primary goal is to create this comic for my own personal growth. I am really motivated to work through all the creative blocks and whatnot. However, I would like for more people to see it and maybe crack a smile.”


“What I really wish for people to take away from my comics is that objects are, in a way, alive, and it’s only up to our imaginations to give them a whole new meaning.”


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