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Benibla Athletics Summer College 2015 Lookbook

After releasing the 1st part last month, Paris-based imprint Benibla unveils its Athletics Summer College 2015 collection. Continue reading »

American Apparel Winter Lookbook in Odessa, Ukraine

Young models Anastasiia and Katya poses for the American Apparel winter lookbook, Odessa, Ukraine, January 2014. Continue reading »

Wildfox Couture: “Gatsby Stole My Heart” Lookbook

Just after the release of a certain obscure Australian art film comes Wildfox Couture‘s Great Gatsby-inspired fall lookbook. The clothes are decadent, the atmosphere is trippy, and the styling is mercifully non-literal about its 1920s roots (there are few of us who can pull off the head-to-toe flapper thing without looking costume, or even want to). The only thing that’s missing is a t-shirt printed with the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg. Continue reading »

Scared? Meet Russian Police New Lookbook!

The Russian militia was officially renamed police with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signing a law on police reform.

Russian police doesn’t enjoy much respect among the people. They are known for corruption, ignorance, skirting the law, unfairness, carelessness, disrespecting the people they’re supposed to protect and periodically arresting some of the people when no laws had been violated.

Since not too many of you will ever come face-to-face with these guardians of law, you may find these photos entertaining. Pictured are reportedly the new police uniforms, continuing in the fine traditions of the old Soviet ugliness and institutional design. Looks like the models are the real men and women of the Russian police; it’s hard for anyone else to imitate the indifferent, self-important faces, with dead eyes and no sign of mental activity. Continue reading »