Beautiful Black And White Photos Of A 18-Year-Old Madonna Taken By Cecil Taylor In 1977

On May 3, 1977, photographer Cecil I. Taylor took these beautiful photos of Madonna at the Art Worlds Institute of Creative Arts in Ann Arbor, Michigan, before she moved to New York City. Continue reading »

Rare And Beautiful Photos Of 18-Year-Old Freshman Madonna At The University of Michigan In 1976

Before Madonna donned that iconic conical bra and wore a rosary around her neck because she said she liked the feeling of a naked man between her bosom, Madonna Louise Ciccone was actually looking pretty sweet. Here’s a collection of rare and beautiful photos of a young Madonna at age 18 taken by Peter Kentes in 1976. Continue reading »

Madonna Launches New Fragrance, ‘Material Girl’ Revels in See-Through Skirt

The new fragrance, “Truth or Dare”, was launched at Macy’s Herald Square store, where Madonna was seen in a black top and skirt. Meanwhile, Diet Coke has come up with a new design for their bottles – inspired by Madonna’s iconic “cone bra” ensemble that French designer Jean Paul Gaultier created for her in the 1990s. Gaultier is now the new Creative Director for Diet Coke. For his first assignment he chose the Queen of Pop’s signature look to create new bottles and also his own blue and white stripes with his name printed on it. (Reuters) Continue reading »

Madonna Dazzles in Cleopatra-like Outfit at Super Bowl

Madonna dazzled the Super Bowl fans with her Cleopatra-influenced outfit and gladiator-like support artists at the Super bowl halftime show at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The super Sunday has seen the “Material Girl,” in one of her best performances, joined by Nicki Minaj during the performance. Madonna made her grand entry onto the stage with the hit song “Vogue,” wearing Egyptian head gear, gold ensemble cheerleader skirt and spiked black boots. (Reuters) Continue reading »