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Now You Can Look Like A Dutch Masterpiece While You Sleep

Created by Belarusian designer Lesha Limonov, these sleeping eye masks are a response to a call put out by Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum. Known for its wide array of Dutch master paintings, the museum is a mecca for art history lovers. That being said, it only makes sense that they would fund a creative new way to experience famous art. Continue reading »

Cats Can Finally Destroy Priceless Artwork With These Masterpiece Scratching Posts


Cats like to scratch stuff. It’s what cats do. Sometimes it’s your sofa. Other times it’s your face. You just never know with cats. But if it’s expensive or important, chances are that your cat will want to scratch it. This rule also applies to priceless paintings. Continue reading »

Cartoon Characters As The Main Subject In Classic Masterpiece Paintings


It’s funny how two forms of art can provide such contrasting emotions. Think classic masterpieces – think dusty galleries and stiff audiences all mumbling out-loud about the intricacies of the artwork. Think cartoons – think fun, laughter, and zero analysis around how a huge ten tonne anvil can cause no more damage other than a hilarious bump on the head. Continue reading »

Auto Body-shop Mangled Masterpiece

Australian body painter Emma Hack took 18 hours to create her latest masterpiece, which uses 17 men and women to illustrate the dangers and trauma caused by speeding drivers. The stunning piece of art was the brainchild of advertising agency Clemenger BBDO Adelaide and part of the Motor Accident Commission’s new campaign. Continue reading »