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Cats Can Finally Destroy Priceless Artwork With These Masterpiece Scratching Posts


Cats like to scratch stuff. It’s what cats do. Sometimes it’s your sofa. Other times it’s your face. You just never know with cats. But if it’s expensive or important, chances are that your cat will want to scratch it. This rule also applies to priceless paintings.

h/t: boredpanda


But if you’re a feline-loving art aficionado then don’t despair because help is at hand in the form of these Copycat Art Scratchers. They’re designed for pet label Lord Loud by interior designer Erik Stehmann, who got his inspiration from the time his own cat attacked one his embroidered paintings.


They’re made using the same sisal fabric that you’ll find on traditional scratching posts and they come in three designs (Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring, da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, and de Heem’s Still Life with Flowers). They’re sure to keep your cat entertained and your art collection intact.


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