Faded Memory: An Artist Painted Over His Friends That He Don’t Remember

According to Portuguese artist Alberto Achega Leitão: “I found some lost photographs taken by my father. After I saw these images, I started remembering old times and old friends. However, I did not remember everyone. So I decided to draw over those I do not remember very well. The less detailed a person is, the less I remember that person.” Continue reading »

In Memory Of The Sewol Ferry Disaster Victims – Tribute Photo Project

In this April 17, 2014 file photo, South Korean Coast Guard personnel search for missing passengers aboard the sunken South Korean ferry Sewol in the water off the southern coast near Jindo, South Korea. High school student Cho Eun-hwa, 16, was one of 304 people killed one year ago on Thursday, April 16 in the sinking of the ferry, and among nine whose bodies still have not been recovered. (Photo by Ahn Young-joon/AP Photo)
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Memory Suitcase By Yuval Yairi

Memory Suitcases is a thought-provoking series by Israeli artist Yuval Yairi that uses old, worn suitcases as canvases for nostalgic landscapes. Like scenes out of one’s memory, the propped up traveling cases feature a range of sepia-toned settings. The series presents the objects as though they are relics of a civilization from yesteryear, each with their own story to tell.

There’s something both heartbreaking and sentimental about the images. It appears to tell a number of stories of leaving one lifestyle for another. The suitcases hold within them a picture show of memories from a life-altering journey. Like a number of his other works, Memory Suitcases “mimics the natural process of memory.” Continue reading »

The Weight Recorder: The Synesthetic Recorder of Involuntary Memory

The Weight Recorder by Weiche Design Works.

This project seeks to analyse our body as a memory container that contains both physical and emotional experiences. By using two ordinary objects, a scale and a height chart, that translate biological data into a readable language which allows us to recall a particular experience or moment easily.

The scale and height charts might remain unnoticed in daily life but nevertheless, when encountered, they offer a significant ‘hint’. In this way, as long as people find interest in the objects, they will be touched and surprised. While people have diverse personal value systems, with this, everyone responds to the hint, not only the one who had the original experience. In summary, the aim of the project is to investigate the relationship between the body, psychology and an object, in terms of memory. Following this, the way memories, objects and human beings influence each other, will be analysed. Continue reading »

Future Memory Number 4

The shadow of German artist Gerhard Mantz falls into his video installation ‘Future Memory Number 4’ during a press preview at the exhibition ‘Abstract Confusion’ at the Kunsthalle (Art Hall) in Erfurt, Germany. The exhibition traces certain abstract tendencies in visual art with 20 different artistic positions which have emerged in the last ten years. (Jens Meyer/Associated Press)

In the Memory of Steve: Photo Tribute

Apple has dedicated its homepage to Steve Jobs. (Reuters) Continue reading »