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“From The Outside To Nowhere”: Surreal, Depressive And Outstanding Digital Artworks By Dmitry Bogolyubov


Dmitry Bogolyubov is a self-taught artist and digital matte painting illustrator from Ekaterinburg. His main sources of inspiration are the space and Russia. According to him, cosmos fascinates and frightens him at the same time. To him, the space seems cold and incredibly beautiful. Well, the same can be said about Russia as well. In Bogolyubov’s work Russia is a dull and hopeless place, with a cookie-cutter houses, gray backyards and vehicles that go to nowhere. However, Dmitry sees the beauty and warmth in this. Continue reading »

Outstanding Architectural Rings By Ola Shekhtman


Ola Shekhtman, the Siberian-born jewelry designer reimagined 12 major metropolises—including London, New York, Paris, Stockholm, and Hong Kong—as intricate accessories you can wear around your finger. Continue reading »

These Outstanding Underwater Photos Are Simply Magic


‘Vandenberg: Life Below the Surface’ is simply breathtaking exhibition by creative genius & Austrian photographer Andreas Franke – that is literally underwater! Continue reading »

Outstanding Realistic Tire Sculptures by Usual Russian Man

Alexander Nikolaevich lives in Ivanovo, a small Russian town. He is not a professional artist, but he is a very creative person. He creates jaw-dropping sculptures using layers of recycled automobile tires. The estimate price is not very high, for example it’s about $2000 for the realistic horse sculpture. He’s also teaches people how to make it. A piece of art. Continue reading »