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Epic Video Game Room Decoration Ideas From PIXERS


How many times have you heard your parents say not to waste time on playing computer games? Exactly, so many times that you are smiling at the very thought, while reading this sentence. When our parents were kids, it was difficult to believe that games would become a huge branch of the entertainment industry and the driving force for new technologies, that artists will be working on their development, and playing them will become a job that not only brings in a sizable income, but also great popularity. Continue reading »

Inspiration is a Woman Collection by PIXERS

This collection of wall murals is very feminine, inspired by women and made for women. Inspiration is a Woman presents eight women who influenced many areas of culture like art, fashion, music or movie. We’ve chosen Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Björk, Lauryn Hill, Brigitte Bardot, Frida Kahlo, Madonna and Amy Winehouse. T

hey are all very popular but we’ve interpreted them in our own way. Worth saying that dominant colors of these wall murals are neutral and fit to any interior so there’s no need to be afraid of overwhelm. Presented women symbolize power, strength, charisma and beauty. They are ICONS. And now, we can have these icons at fingertips. We can invite them to our home and make it look unique. No matter who you are, you can choose your woman and feel inspired every day. Inspiration is a woman and the truth is women run the world! Continue reading »

The Circus by PIXERS

Why we decided to get down to the circus? Above all, we were captivated by its workers – so unusual, colorful and absolutely mesmerizing people. We were inspired also by the works of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec who masterly showed the daily life of the dancers of the XIX-th century Paris. We decided to follow in his footsteps and take a look at the joys and sorrows of the circus life. We wanted to see how circus artists behave both in headlights and in private life. We mixed surrealism up with everyday life and served it with impressionist sauce.

Our collection will surely appeal to people who are not afraid to break conventions, also those decorative ones, and people who are looking for wall murals and stickers that will reflect their rebellious character and personality. If you also always look on the bright side of life and treat obstacles as challenges, be sure to take a look at all 63 photos that form the collection. Continue reading »

In Russia – Meteorites, at PIXERS – Whole UNIVERSE!

Fantastic “Space Odyssey” collection of wall murals from PIXERS. Continue reading »

City Never Sleeps by PIXERS

City Never Sleeps is a tribute to the great metropolises that for ages have inspired not only artists, but also most importantly, ordinary people. The cities that are a continuous dazzle of lights and cacophony of noises, but still attract like a magnet. The cities where hearts of inhabitants beat the same rhythm and whichhistory is created by human passions, dramas and great romances. The cities that never sleep, because when some people say “goodnight”, the other say “good morning”. The cities where anything can happen and any dream can come true. Continue reading »

Weird Halloween with Pixers!

Why not to change a bit your private space and convert it it into a spooky place where everything could happen? Here is a collection of scary and funny wall decals and posters for HALLOWEEN, easy to install, cheap and great for everyone who don’t care about conventions. Continue reading »

2 New and Awesome Wall Decal Collections from PIXERS

Yo, take a look at two fresh and hot decal collections from PIXERS. Let your walls speak! Continue reading »

PIXERS: Your Walls & Stuff

Take a look at awesome interior projects, created by PIXERS, a group of Polish designers, involved in architecture, art and interior design. Continue reading »